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British military capbadges and insignia bronze plaques and figurines
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Bernie's Plaques
Keeping British Workers In Work

Hot Cast Bronze Plaques
Made In Lancashire, England


Plaque Mould made

The pattern, once complete, can then be used to create a mould for the final product. First, the moulder applies a layer of mould release to the pattern so that the finished mould will not stick to it. Then a fine sand/epoxy mixture is applied and packed down over the entire surface of the pattern to ensure all the fine details are included in the mould. The mould is then reinforced so that it is sturdy enough to maintain its integrity throughout the casting process.


Pouring the metal into the mould

Filling the mould with molten bronze is not a simple task – we have to be incredibly careful while handling the hot metal and processes are in place to eliminate air bubbles while it is poured. In order to safely and effectively fill the mould; sprues, runners, gates and risers are used to introduce the bronze to the mould and they also act as ventilators, allowing mould gases to escape.


Shaking the plaque out of the mould

After the bronze has cooled and solidified, it has to be removed from its casing. We do this by shaking the mould to loosen all of the sand from the plaque. This process safely removes the sand from the bronze, leaving the rough-cast plaque ready for the final touches.

Do you like what you see and would you like to buy one?
The plaques can have your choice of cap badge.
All we need is an image of what you require.


Finishing the plaque

Finishing the metal plaque involves a number of processes and has to be done with a perfectionist’s eye. All of the components used in the crafting of the plaque that will not be part of the finished product – such as sprues, runners, and gates must be removed. The bronze is then hand-cleaned and sanded to give the piece a perfect shape and finish. You can buy an ‘As Cast’ plaque and smooth and polish it yourself. The first one that we did took about 6 hours with a lot of Wet and Dry paper and copious amounts of coffee. You will get a great sense of achievement if you do it yourself.


Adding some character

To put the final visual touches on the piece, bronze plaques can be painted. A steady hand and attention to detail is necessary to complete the look of your plaque. The painting gives the plaque further dimension, character, and personality as well as keeping it well protected.


Finished painted plaque

When all the processes are complete the painted plaque, if you have selected this option, is ready to be dispatched. If we have the pattern please allow 3 weeks for delivery. However, if we do not have the pattern made for your unit then please allow 6 weeks for delivery Please bear this in mind when ordering for Christmas or birthdays.

If you like what you see and have missed the Shop button,  here’s another one for you.
Life Guards Cypher to me made as a 30 cm dia round Gunmetal Plaque